JANUARY 23, 2018. 1-3pm EST, Grace Midtown Church, Atlanta.
What are the values, assumptions, and allegiances in the next, next generation? Impact 360 Institute has partnered with the Barna Group to explore Gen Z. Born between 1999 and 2015, Gen Z is larger than the Millennials and has been shaped in significantly different ways. Join us for this special unveiling of groundbreaking research on Gen Z in Atlanta, GA on January 23, 2018, or sign up to watch the live simulcast.

Conference Details:
1/23- 1:00-3:00 pm, and a special breakout/workshop session for live attendees only from 3:30-5:00 pm.
Location- Grace Midtown Church. 642 Northside Drive, Atlanta, GA 30318.
Additional Space Available At Live Event!
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Who is Gen Z?
Episode Five- Generations taking shape

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Episode Two: The Major Life Events

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Episode Four: The state of faith

Who is gen Z
How Big is Gen Z?
Born between 1999-2015 (Ages 2-18) Gen Z has a population size of 69-70 million and is just now beginning to enter college.
Who is gen Z
Views of Social Media
The vast majority of teens are using social media and 69% think the amount of time they spend on it is “Just Right.”
Who is gen Z
True Digital Natives
Gen Z cannot remember a world without interactive screens in it. This presents them with unique opportunities for influence and the ever present challenges of distraction and comparison.
Who is gen Z
Major Lifetime Events
Invention of Facebook (2004) Apple debuts iPhone (2007) Election of Barack Obama (2008) Financial crisis (2008) Legalization of gay marriage (2015) Election of Donald Trump (2016).
Who is gen Z
A Generation Taking Shape
The majority of Gen Z still live at home with their parents. As such, this is a generation that is still very much being shaped: by parents, by friends, by teachers, by churches.
Who is Gen Z: Trailer
Now Available: A First Look at the Next, Next Generation

We’ve been talking for years about Millennials. But now a new generation is becoming a cultural force in their own right—and it’s time to pay attention.

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